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The Advanced Manufacturing Pipeline offers an a la carte menu of services for all types of manufacturing companies, whatever the size of your workforce.

Our fees are determined on a sliding scale based on your company’s size and what services you choose.

To make an appointment to discuss our services and fees, please call (757) 865-3122. We would also be happy to refer you to a representative from one of our participating companies so that you can find out more about how regional manufacturers have utilized the Pipeline’s services.

1. Getting Started: The Needs Assessment

 To determine what services would be right for your company, we first schedule a comprehensive, on-site Needs Assessment. We will examine your hiring and training needs, explain the WorkKeys® skills assessment tests in detail, and give you a thorough overview of the services we offer.

2. Job Profiling

The Pipeline uses the nationally recognized system of job profiling based on the WorkKeys® skills assessment system. The detailed, accurate position descriptions we create for your company make it much easier for you to target candidates who have the skills necessary to perform successfully in a particular job — saving you both time and money.

A trained facilitator will work collaboratively with groups of your employees to complete each job profile. Job incumbents serve as the subject matter experts who define the tasks and skills needed to perform a specific job successfully.

Job profiling consists of a task analysis to select the tasks most critical to a job and a skills analysis to identify the skills and skill levels required to enter the job and perform effectively. The process meets all requirements adopted by the EEOC.

The profiling process is very rigorous. To get you going quickly, authorized staff can access a national database of profiled jobs to develop an "occupational profile". Though not exclusive to the jobs in your company, an occupational profile is an effective and rapidly deployed tool that enables the company to implement WorkKeys® almost immediately.

3. Recruiting and Hiring

The Pipeline streamlines the recruiting process using the WorkKeys® skills assessment system.

WorkKeys® measures “real world” skills that are critical to job performance success:

  • Communication: listening, reading for information, writing
  • Problem solving: applied mathematics, applied technology, locating information, observation
  • Interpersonal skills: teamwork

To learn more about WorkKeys®, go to

If individuals performs at an appropriate level on the WorkKeys® assessments, they can receive a Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) or Career Readiness Certificate Plus Applied Technology (CRC+). The Pipeline has awarded more than 600 of these certificates thus far.

To learn more about the CRC, go to

As part of a statewide effort to develop a manufacturing credentialing system, the Advanced Manufacturing Pipeline is working with the Commonwealth, the Virginia Manufacturers Association, community colleges and others to create the Manufacturing Drivers License, or MDL, credential. The opportunity to earn the MDL will be given to those high-aptitude candidates who qualify for the CRC+. Candidates will be prescreened and then will undergo specialized training to earn the MDL.

4. Employee Training

Taking advantage of information gathered through the job profiling process and other on-site assessments, the Pipeline can tailor a job training program to meet your company’s needs. We offer both onsite and offsite training, and can train new hires as well as current employees.

5. Apprenticeships

The Pipeline encourages job candidates to take advantage of a variety of work-study opportunities. We will work with your company to develop an apprenticeship program to bring in quality individuals and train them at the ground level.

6. Video Production

Job candidates are encouraged to review “Realistic Job Preview” videos and attend a Pipeline Information Session. Our research shows that approximately one-third of applicants self-screen out of the selection process after they receive a realistic view of what a certain job entails. This narrows the candidate pool, thereby saving your company time and money in the hiring process.

Remember — we will customize programs for you.


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