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BENEFITS For Your Company

• Recruiting and Hiring

The Pipeline significantly improves efficiency and reduces the costs of recruiting and hiring by identifying candidates whose skills and interests match job profiles within your company. One participating company, for example, reduced the ratio of applications taken to employee hire from 7:1 to 3:1.

• Retention

By hiring employees who already have a comprehensive understanding of what the job entails, you greatly improve retention. One participating company went from approximately a 60 percent turnover to almost zero churn in nine months. In addition, the Pipeline offers training in professional and interpersonal skills that improve the workplace environment.

• Competitiveness

The Pipeline will facilitate and help subsidize on-the-job training for both new hires and current employees, enhancing your company’s competitiveness.

• Efficiency

The Pipeline’s initial Needs Assessment targets problems and helps you deliver solutions, enhancing operational efficiency.

• Heightened Community Profile

The Pipeline heightens your company’s profile in the community through educational programs in middle and high schools throughout the region, developed in association with the Manufacturing VIRGINIA initiative.


“A key driver of the Canon Virginia expansion decision was the development of a work-force pipeline to recruit and train the many new employees, and the Virginia Community College System stepped up to the plate to provide a solution for Canon in the Hampton Roads region.”
— Gov. Timothy M. Kaine
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