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Here’s an overview of how you can use the Advanced Manufacturing Pipeline to get yourself in the right job, right now.

1. Register

  • In person: Go to your local Virginia Employment Commission office or One-Stop Career Center and ask to be registered for the Advanced Manufacturing Pipeline. Call the Pipeline office at (757) 865-3122 to find the registration site closest to you.

  • Online: Click here to e-mail us your contact information. Someone from our Office will be in touch to guide you through the registration process.

2. Attend an Info Session

We offer Pipeline Information Sessions every two weeks. These Info Sessions will give you all the details about the Pipeline process, and you’ll be able to get your questions answered.

You can sign up for an Info Session when you register for the Pipeline or by calling the Pipeline Office at (757) 865-3122. Click here for the dates and times of upcoming sessions.

3. Watch “On the Job” Videos

After you’ve attended the Info Session, you’ll have an opportunity to view “on the job” videos. These give you an up-close view of different kinds of manufacturing jobs, so that you can get an idea of what jobs you might be interested in.

4. Sign Up for WorkKeys®

WorkKeys® is a system used nationwide to determine a person’s “job-ready skills.” These skills include your ability to learn, listen, communicate, work in teams and solve problems.

The Pipeline representative at the Info Session will get you signed up to take the WorkKeys® skill assessment tests. So far, the Pipeline has administered more than 11,000 WorkKeys tests!

If you’d like to know more about WorkKeys®, go to

5. Meet with a Job Placement Coordinator

Once you’ve gotten your results from the WorkKeys® tests, you can schedule a meeting with a job placement coordinator to talk about what kind of available jobs best meet your individual skills.

6. Qualify for the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC and CRC+)

If you do well on the WorkKeys® tests, you may qualify for the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) or the Career Readiness Certificate Plus Applied Technology (CRC+).

The CRC and CRC+ move you to the head of the line as a jobseeker, letting employers know in advance that you are qualified. The certificates are recognized by companies around the country, so once you’ve earned one, you can take it anywhere.

7. The Manufacturing Drivers License (MDL)

Working with the state of Virginia, the Pipeline is developing a system where you can earn a special credential — the Manufacturing Drivers License, or MDL — in a particular skill area. To get the MDL, you first must qualify for CRC+.

The MDL will be a key asset for anyone seeking a high-quality job in the manufacturing sector.

Click here for bennifits of getting your MDL.